7 Reasons To Eat More Nuts

7 Reasons to Eat Nyuts

Nuts are one of nature’s healthiest foods. They provide essential fatty acids, nutrients and protein. Discover 7 reasons to eat more nuts here.

You should definitely eat more nuts, a food that is considered one of the most complete sources of energy and nutrition. Nuts are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Additionally, there are many different varieties of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

There is a widely believed myth that eating nuts leads to weight gain because of fat and calorie content.
On the contrary, it’s been proven that if you eat more nuts, it’s actually beneficial for the body. In fact, they support healthy weight loss. This is thanks to the healthy fats in nuts, which actually increase your energy throughout the day.
In addition, nuts are rich in fiber, which helps you fight food cravings and avoid overeating.
As a result, there are several reasons why everyone should eat nuts regularly. We reveal seven of the most important reasons below.

  1. Nuts improve heart health
  2. The high concentration of essential fatty acids found in nuts makes them one of the most important allies for cardiovascular health. They contain alpha-linolenic acid, which reduces your risk of cardiac arrhythmia and the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries.
  3. Eating nuts regularly is proven to be as effective as olive oil in reducing inflammation and purifying the blood after a fatty meal. Additionally, their fiber content and vegetable sterols reduce the lipids that are absorbed through the intestines and facilitate their expulsion.
  4. Nuts also contain arginine, an essential amino acid, which keeps blood vessel walls elastic and prevents high blood pressure.
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  1. They protect your brain health
    Pistachios and walnuts provide a significant amount of essential amino acids and antioxidants that protect the memory and brain health.
    The folic acid and vitamins A and E in nuts improve nervous system function and reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  2. They’re anti-inflammatory
    Many doctors and healthcare professionals affirm that most diseases are rooted in a lack of control of the inflammation response.
    Luckily, the omega-3 fatty acids in nuts can help control and reduce the body’s inflammatory processes.
    Eating these foods is key to preventing numerous common and chronic disorders.
  3. Eat more nuts to improve digestive health
    The main advantage this food has to offer for your digestive health is thanks to its dietary fiber content. It improves the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and facilitates the expulsion of waste products.
    In addition, eating nuts helps to reduce indigestion and feed the beneficial bacteria in the colon to regulate the body’s pH.
  4. They prevent premature aging
    All varieties of nuts are recommended for skin health as they all contain vitamin E.
    This antioxidant nutrient repairs cell damage caused by free radicals and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles.
  5. They help build muscle mass
    Nuts are a rich source of protein, which makes them excellent for meeting the daily nutritional needs required during intense physical training.
    Some nutritionists recommend eating a small portion of nuts before going to bed as the fiber and healthy fats will help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during sleep.
  6. They fight obesity
    Those who are overweight or obese can really benefit if they eat more nuts.
    Their high quantity of fiber and protein supports your body’s fat burning capabilities to help you lose weight. Obese people who include almonds, walnuts and other types in their diet will lose weight more easily than those who don’t.

As you can see, there are many reasons to eat more nuts during the week. You can easily eat them on the go or add them to your favorite recipes.

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