Cashew or Peanuts: Which nut is best for a healthier life?

Cashew or Peanuts

Cashew or Peanuts Nuts are popular for the plethora of health benefits associated with eating them. Just as they are or having them in between meals. Than most other nutrient sources, their rich vaults of energizing carbs. proteins and antioxidants align them as favorites when selecting a healthy diet for boosting cognitive excellence and healthy immune system.
Cashew or peanuts trap within their crunchy flesh enormous amount of bodybuilding nutrients necessary towards a healthy life. Although both cashew and peanuts are recommended as nutritional diet choices, slightly on a nutritional scale, cashew edges out peanut when comparing data on health benefits. In comparing cashew and peanuts, here are a few nutritional facts that you should know:


It’s a essential for a healthy body growth. They help perform varying functions from building strong bones and teeth to regulating heartbeat and transmitting nerve impulses. Cashew edges peanuts in the number of minerals present in a serving. Each serving of cashew gives 19%, of the daily values of magnesium needed by the body. Substantial percentages of phosphorus and zinc are also embedded in Cashew than it is in peanuts. Phosphorus strengthens the bones and helps in DNA formation while zinc helps the healing of wounds and our sense of smell and taste.


The vitamin stockpile in peanuts is unarguably commendable for a healthy body and soul boost. Some research opines that the vitamin constituent of peanut can help lower mortality rates by repairing damaged cells and fortifying immune systems. Both cashew and peanuts are rich in essential vitamins. Cashew can prove a good source of vitamin K, peanut possesses healthy niacin, vitamin E, and folic acid.
Vitamin K is essential for clotting in blood; niacin keeps your skin and nerve healthy with vitamin E that helps achieve a healthy body and skin.


It’s essential pivots towards a healthy life that is less prone to diseases; nuts are rich sources of antioxidants that challenge body radicals preventing them from damaging the body cells. Besides the possession of antioxidants, the Polyphenols in both cashew and peanuts increases the effectiveness of antioxidants (even the ones from other foods like fruits and vegetables).  A healthy serving of either cashew or peanuts can be helpful in tackling these destructive radicals.


While many nuts are tasty in their own unique ways, cashew is popular for its distinctive alluring taste and smell. They serve as fruit flavors than most other nuts. Can give your butter that tacky taste that wants you to have more of it spread over bread. Peanuts have great taste too especially when as butter flavor, but cashew edges out most nuts on the flavor and taste chart. ,
Essentially, both peanut and cashew can be very good source of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for optimal growth of the body and the prevention of diseases. So you want a healthy body that is immune to diseases? Hitup our website . Snack on some servings of peanuts and cashew. Aside from the enormous health benefits from these stones, you can also be certain of yummy tastes and tangy aromas that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

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