Everything Nut Crumbs Seared Ahi Tuna

Sometimes the most delicious recipes use the simplest ingredients. This is one of them. This Seared Ahi Tuna is made with our Farm Fresh Nut Crumble Coating ~ a nut-based bread crumb alternative. 


1/2 lb. ahi tuna (recommend sushi grade)

1/4 c. Farm Fresh Nut Crumbs (see recipe below)

1/4 c. milk (milk substitutes work too)

1 egg

1 T. butter

1T. olive oil

Farm Fresh Nut Crumble Coating

The perfect mix of pistachios, cashews, and almonds blended with everything (like the bagel) seasoning.

Crumble Coating

1 cup Farm Fresh Nut Dry Roasted Shelled Pistachio Kernels Unsalted

1 cup Farm Fresh Nut Dry Roasted Almonds Unsalted

1 cup Farm Fresh Nuts Oven Dry Roasted Cashews Unsalted

½ cup everything seasoning (see recipe below)

Everything Seasoning

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup poppy seeds 

3 tablespoons dried onion flakes

3 tablespoons dried garlic flakes

2 tablespoons coarse sea salt

This recipe is all about the tuna! This is one cut of fish I would not recommend skimping on. High quality is so important, especially since we are simply searing the tuna. Sushi grade is preferred. 

Whisk together milk and egg in a small bowl.

Pour Farm Fresh Nut Crumble Coating Everything Nut Crumbs out on a plate.

Depending on size/shape of the ahi, you may want to cut in half. Do not slice before cooking. Dip the entire piece of tuna in the milk mixture and then roll it in the Nut Crumbs. 

Heat up a non stick sauté pan with the butter and olive oil on medium heat.

Now this part gets a little tricky. We need to sear all sides of the ahi for about a minute. If you use tongs and handle the tuna too much, the crumbs will fall off. It’s really a delicate balance of using a fish spatula and a fork to gently flip the fish over and sear on each surface.

Also…do not over cook! You just want a quick sear on each side…about one minute on each side, depending on the cut of the fish.

Once seared, remove from heat and place on cutting board. 

Slice up the ahi and serve a multitude of ways…

on a salad with balsamic vinegar and really good olive oil,  dipped in soy & sriracha sauce, in a sweet chili sauce, drizzled with sriracha mayo, with fresh grated ginger and soy sauce

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