Health Benefits of Cashew


About Cashew

it has been known through ages for its abundance of quintessential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that help keep our body in form and fight against diseases. Added to its contribution to general wellness, cashews tastes absolutely fantastic. It could be of high culinary value when consumed. Its sweet buttery tang unleashes a delectable taste in the mouth. Making it one of the most sought-after fruits with nutty cores. Cashew nuts are crunchy and enjoyable. Desserts and appetizers and can have numerous health benefits. Includes relief from diabetes, Anemia, and gallstones. Here are a few reasons why you add Cashew to your fruity diets.

Cashews helps build your muscles and nerves

Yes. You read right. The magnesium and calcium vaults embedded in the sugary flesh and tangy nuts of cashew are essential for building strong muscles, bones, and teeth. You can count on cashew to help develop your nerves for healthy cardiovascular functions, and overall wellness. Magnesium plays an important role in regulating your blood pressure so more cashews can mean a healthier heart and overall wellbeing.

Cashew Reduces Diabetes, Anemia, and Gallstones

Low sugar presence, high presence of dietary iron and absence of harmful cholesterol make cashew a necessary food for a healthy life. With low sugar content, cashew helps reduce the chances of diabetes especially the development of type 2 diabetes. Dietary iron helps to carry oxygenated blood through the body system thereby reducing the risk of anemia and fatigue. Since gallstones are formed essentially from bad cholesterol, a serving of cashews helps lower the chances of gallstones settling in your gallbladder.

Cashew can boost your immune system

Microbial infections weaken the immune system and lower your body’s fighting soldiers strength when there’s and an invasion. The zinc in cashew can help strengthen the immune system. The zinc in cashew is also helpful in synthesizing protein. So chew on more cashews to get more of healthy zinc that helps your body fight diseases and heal faster when injured.

Cashew contains healthy fats

Most nuts are rich in cholesterols but are they good for your health? Bad cholesterol can damage blood passage to the heart and increases cardiovascular breakdown. It includes the risk of stroke and heart attack. Interestingly, cashew contains what is known as High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, which is good cholesterol that doesn’t lead to heart diseases. Still thinking of that health cholesterol source that doesn’t pose any health risk? Cashews, of course, should be your favorite nut.

Cashew helps fight free radicals

Antioxidants help terminate the chain reactions of radicals before they pose any harm. Cashews contains copper which is a potent antioxidant that can help intercept radicals before they bind into a hurtful chain. The copper in Cashews can also help with the formation of hemoglobin which helps in blood formation and the fighting off diseases.

Carbs in Cashews.

Depending on dietary needs and health goals, carbohydrate rich diets could be of varying necessities to different people. Cashews are generally high in carbohydrate and for every 100g of cashews nuts; there is a proportionate amount of 30g of carbohydrates. Since most nuts like cashews get their carbs from fiber which have little to no impact on sugar level. Cashews as previously expressed does not catalyze diabetes or other sugar complication. If you have a diet that requires low carbohydrate in-take, a consultation with your dietician can help in understanding the amount of cashews that won’t hinder your dietary plan.

Costco Cashews

Having understood how cashews can be beneficial to your health and that of your family, getting fresh well prepared and well-flavored cashews can help brighten your cashews experience. Costco cashews are prepared and packaged. They lay months on the shelf, yet Farm Fresh Nuts are fresh always and under the most hygienic of conditions and by the best of seasoned chefs. You can choose from different flavored cashews nuts or have organic cashews delivered to your doorstep after ordering. Costco cashews are also available in chocolate caramel and other variants to heighten your cashews experience.

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