Turkey and Apple Salad with Nuts

Turkey and Apple Salad with Nuts

This salad is a delightful mixture of crunchy, sweet and savory flavors and a GREAT way to use up any leftover turkey or chicken! 

Ingredients (for 2 or 3 people)

1 bag of spinach (500 g)

2 red apples

1 cup of mixed nuts (150 g)

¼ cup of goat cheese (50 g)

1 cup of turkey mortadella (150 g)

Condiments: sweet mustard, black pepper, salt, olive oil.


Wash and drain the spinach well. Then, put it in a salad bowl and set it aside.

Julienne slice the apples (without removing the skin).

In a separate dish, prepare the dressing from sweet mustard, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Thoroughly scoop out all of the ingredients with a spoon and reserve.

Cut the turkey mortadella into small cubes and sprinkle them over the spinach.

Next, cut the goat cheese into thin slices and add it to the spinach.

Pour the dressing over the top and stir to mix all the ingredients. Enjoy!

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