Nuts and Their Flavours


Earth is a beautiful planet, but you would agree the life on it is what makes it unique among the hundred of balls in our solar system. Who really gives a second thought about a spherical rocky ball floating in deep dark space saturated with silence? Nuts can be same as earth in comparison, after all, we often attribute the value of our consumption. first to how it inflames our taste buds even before we look up its nutritional constituents. The rich divergence of available flavours, therefore do not only enhance the natural taste that nuts exude. These exciting flavours also increase our desire to have them featured on our dietary roaster. Here are some stimulating flavours of different nut types certain to expand your list of anticipated cuisine this season and beyond.

The Honey-Glazed Almond Nuts

Honey-glazed nuts, combines the awakening taste of natural honey with the enthralling relish of nuts to birth such fine blend of cuisine flavour that is simply astral. The appetizing nature of the honey-glazed nuts help prepare your stomach before the main meal. Thus it also serves well as a good dessert after you’ve had your fill. The reddish brown classic dissolves on tongue inflaming your sense of taste to the apogee. Aside the splendorous tang of honey-glazed nuts, the honey-rich nut has been found to reduce the risk of ulcer and gastrointestinal disorder. Athletic performance and proper blood sugar regulation have also been noticed to increase with the consumption of honey-glazed foods. Inclusive. And when you combine the innumerable health benefits of Honey itself to the list, you can be certain you’re in for a long healthy dietary ride.

Almonds - Honey Glazed
Himalayan Salted Dry Roasted Brazil Nuts

Himalayan Salted Dry Roasted Brazil Nut

Nuts passed through flame had been cherished through centuries for their ting and lasting alluring taste. The dryness arising from heat extracted moisture create a crunchy and savoury taste uncommon among nuts that haven’t passed through the same process. The Himalayan salted Brazil nut is a rich depot of nutrients aiding proper heart pulsation and functionality. It is also found to effectively detoxify the body by balancing pH. Himalayan salt is a mineral cave that holds nutrients including sodium, magnesium and calcium which aid haemoglobin production and fortifies bones and teeth. When combined with Brazil nut which is widely accepted as the wealthiest food source of selenium; a ubiquitous mineral for body growth and stability, one is left with not only a delicious smack of cuisine, but also one with immense health benefits.

Half Roasted Salted Cashew Nut

What does it seem like to stand in the divide? You probably don’t have a problem imagining that. The Half Roasted Cashew Nut put you in between, a sought of culinary balance. Unlike the dry roasted nut, the half roasted cashew nut give up some of its moisture to flame while retaining some so as to give you that tang that comes with having both wetness and dryness in one piece. Salted to taste, roasted cashew nuts did not appear without its health benefits. A rich source of protein and mineral nutrients, half roasted cashew enliven both your body and soul through the array of sweetness it brings both to your buds and body.

Cashews - Roasted and Salted

Whether as an holiday treat, or in trying to break the boredom, flavoured nuts provide you with dietary cuisines certain to expand your dietary choices. Some are simply fit for your vegetarian needs, others make the perfect gift to keep your guests busy while enriching their bodies and minds. You may even sprinkle grinded flavoured nuts over your food at will. Whatever it is you need favoured nuts for, these seasoned nuts have been meticulously packaged to enliven your season like never before.