All of our nuts are farm fresh, and we roast everything in-house. Nuts are nature’s delicious power-packed snacks. Nuts are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and are an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fats which promote healthy cholesterol levels. Every nut is unique in its benefits. Nuts contain lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, and many vitamins. Health benefits include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. Nuts are a healthy snack that can reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Most of our nuts are available in 1LB, 5LB, 10LB, and 25LB packages.

If you need help placing an order or have questions about our products, contact us anytime!


In observance of Passover,

Farm Fresh Nuts will be closed from
Thursday, April 18, and reopen on Thursday, May 2.

All orders will be shipped out upon our return.
We appreciate your understanding.