Raw Georgia Pecans

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Enjoy the freshest & tastiest pecan nuts Georgia has to offer. Big, natural & absolutely beautiful, our pecan nuts are packed with flavor, mighty-healthy nutrients & energy with each handful.
Your daily pick me up: Need a healthy snack for the road, at work or for your little ones at school? Our pecan nuts are a healthy choice as they are rich in energy, antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and fiber. Whew, Talk about a handful of sunshine!

Farm Fresh Nuts is proud to share with you its renowned Pecan nuts known for its freshness, crispiness and absolute deliciousness. We handpick our Pecans to assure absolute quality and flavor. Packed with wholesome benefits and amazing flavor, our little bag of pecan nuts delivers a world of taste.
Delicious Any Way: Enjoy your raw natural healthy pecans straight from the bag or create mouthwatering recipes. Put them on your ice cream, in your salads, desserts, cakes, cookies, make pecan pie and butter, and more- the possibilities are endless and equally delicious!
Momma Nature Knows Best: It’s no wonder pecan nuts are so widely celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed, they provide a great amount of calories they are an amazing energy source. Furthermore, they offer healthy fats for your heart, making them one of the healthiest snacks you can enjoy on a daily basis. They contain antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and fiber, as well. To sum it up, your daily boost for the day!
Super healthy, nutritious and abnormally delicious, it can’t get any better!

We Talk Nuts: Farm Fresh Nuts is a small, American family-owned business with one goal in mind: To provide our customers with the best tasting nuts and dried fruit on the planet. We scour the earth to find the best products, and stand firmly behind our merchandise.
Taste the Farm Fresh Nuts advantage today!

All our products are proudly OU Kosher Certified.

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9 reviews for Raw Georgia Pecans

  1. Bryan

    The pecans tasted great, fresh and clean looking. Not dark or rancid. Just perfect. I say get them if possible.

  2. mike e.

    Good tasting, crispy pecans Love them!

  3. Sarah

    These pecans are the juiciest, best tasting I have had in years. I leave in Georgia and get all kinds of Georgia Pecans. I would rate these better than any Georgia or other pecans I have gotten in the grocery store. WILL BUY AGAIN BEFORE THEY RUN OUT.

  4. Samantha

    My pecans were good it was as if they were just picked !! I would purchase again.

  5. L C

    High Quality Super Fresh

  6. Daniella

    Always fresh and delicious, with a hint of natural sweetness. The best raw pecans I have found.

  7. Lea Moore

    Love em in my pecan pie!!!!

  8. AP

    I liked the fact that my order arrived the next day and it was fresh too.

  9. Josephine

    I love preparing pies and brownies full of pecans. I also consume them as a snack. Of course I’ve known lots of brands but I’m pleasantly surprised with these Georgia pecans. They are fresh, tender and tasty. So I’ll keep buying them.

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